How to develop your child's personality in every aspect

Educational Parent Training is more than a book, it is a complete course that allows you to promote the best possible education for your children, in every aspect of their personality. In fact, the course is aimed at the development of 12 primary areas, and is aimed at pursuing the maximum personal fulfillment of the child.

What do you expect from a Course on education...

I'd like to understand how to educate my child in the best way

I'd like to know how to behave at every stage of his growth

I'd like to find answers to my main questions

I'd like to understand how to offer my child the best opportunities

«Educational Parent Training» allows you to...

educate your child

The methods and strategies provided by EPT allow you to act effectively at every stage of your child's development, to promote their harmonious growth

personalize the study

Supporting your child to read, write and study will no longer be a problem, even in the face of learning difficulties

make them succeed

You will understand what can be the ways to arouse the maximum possible initiative in your child

In fact «Educational Parent Training» is necessary for

...their mind

to enhance in your child everything connected to it: thought, language and movement


to accompany your child in the acquisition of basic skills: reading, writing, calculating, studying

...their heart

because it helps you understand how to educate aspects related to affectivity, emotion and sexuality

...the future

to help you have a vision of what will allow your child to fully succeed in life

What «Educational Parent Training» offers you

a complete preparation

This path will allow you to face every aspect of your child's development at any age, so as to pursue the goals of personal fulfillment expressed in Fearless Parenting Method

12 areas of intervention

EPT addresses the main areas of child development specifically and with concrete examples, allowing you to refine them in the simplest and most appropriate way possible

an expert available

By purchasing EPT you will not only have excellent training, but also the possibility of asking its Author for doubts or curiosities about how to apply these strategies in the specifics of your daily life

The Author

My name is Pierluigi Benes and I am an educator with decades of experience in supporting parents in their children’s education. After having published on this subject both a novel, Being a parent nowadays, and a manual, Fearless Parenting Method, I also wanted to create this course, aimed at completing the parent’s pedagogical training.

Pedagogista Online is the brand with which I have been presenting myself to parents since 2008, when I was one of the pioneers of online consultancy through this platform.


The readers of «Educational Parent Training» wrote this...

It is a well-structured book, which provides a complete insight into the education of children, food for thought and useful tools in everyday life. To read! I advise!
A very interesting course with practical examples of activities useful for different areas of child development. I advise!

Educational Parent Training, the support you need

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