Parenting books

The following is the updated list of parenting books published by Pierluigi Benes, director of Pedagogista Online. By clicking on the icons, you will be redirected to the description page of the respective book.

Being a parent nowadays

Being a parent nowadays (novel)
Apparently, it’s a novel, an engaging story about being a parent and educating children today.

More deeply, it’s a useful tool for questioning the meaning of parenthood and coming close to an educational approach like the one proposed in the manual Fearless Parenting.

Fearless parenting method

Fearless Parenting Method (Manual)

How to develop your child’s potential in a serene, aware and effective way: a parenting book as a compass to orient every educational choice.

The manual is aimed at parents of children and teenagers, as well as expectant couples, to help them develop their own personal educational approach.

Educational Parent Training (course)

How to observe and get to know children, to understand and manage their development: course for parents inspired by Fearless Parenting Method.

The course is aimed at the development of 12 primary areas, and at pursuing the maximum personal fulfillment of the child.